Our group is looking for graduate students!

Submit an application to the Stanford Graduate Admissions website by December.
Why Stanford?
We're experiencing a renaissance of data, and Stanford is Florence. There is arguably no better place to study cutting-edge and large-scale data management problems than Silicon Valley. From "Big Data" to the "Internet of Things," the Valley is an unparalleled Petri dish for practical but principled data-intensive systems research. Couple this environment with a world-class faculty with impressive depth in virtually every area of CS, from databases to operating systems, AI, and HCI as well as a tremendous track record of impact via startups like Google, VMWare, and Tableau, and Stanford is an easy choice. (Not to mention California weather, food, hiking, biking, nature, sailing, surfing, culture...)
Why should I work with you?
One of the coolest parts of Stanford's Ph.D. program is that, unlike many other schools, first-year students have the opportunity to "rotate" with up to three research groups. If you join the program, you might spend Fall quarter working with me on real-time decision making platforms for automotive crash detection, Winter quarter working with Chris Re implementing worst-case optimal joins on SIMD hardware, and Spring quarter working with Jure Leskovec analyzing conversations on Facebook using social contagion models. So, while we have a lot of fun and get to work on some very cool research problems in my group, you'll have a chance to shop around and see what works best for you. If you're already admitted to the program, please send me an email regarding a rotation!
How do I apply?
Applications to the Stanford Computer Science Ph.D. program are handled by a committee, so individual faculty members do not make admission decisions. Please submit an application via the graduate admissions website.
Can you help me with my graduate application?
Due to the large volume of requests I receive, I'm unfortunately unable to help you with your graduate application or discuss your application with you. Fortunately, there are many good online resources for helping with graduate school admissions. As a starting point, I recommend the guides written by Philip Guo and Jean Yang.
I'm a Stanford undergraduate and would like to work with you. What can I do?
If you're an undergraduate at Stanford, please send me an email.
I'm not a Stanford student, but I'd like to work with you as an intern/visiting researcher/etc. What can I do?
Please fill out the following questionnaire. A strong set of answers is much more valuable than a direct email.